Core Company

Laura Sheehan, co-founder and artistic associate
Geoffrey Sheehan, co-founder and artistic associate
Michael Nowicki, artistic associate
David Regan, artistic associate

Board of Directors

The company is led by a dedicated and talented board of directors. The current board consists of:

Edwin Thrower, President
David Watson, Vice President
Geoffrey Sheehan, Treasurer
Michael Nowicki, Secretary
Herb Emanuelson, Marketing & Public Relations
Julie Ackerman
Tony Anthony
Benjamin Engel
John Holder
Reinhard Kage
David Loeb
Wil Moses
Nancy Simonds
Laura Sheehan, Board Ex Officio

If you are interested in learning more about joining our Board of Directors, please review our description of responsibilities and send e-mail to


Royal court or Board of Directors—who can tell for sure?